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Did you know that United State...

April 08, 2013

Our largest cities are scrambling for alternatives. While we wish the landfill closure rate were an indicator that we are producing less trash as a country, it is actually ...

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There may indeed be a way for ...

October 10, 2012

The problems hotels face with their energy bills are widely recognized throughout the industry and in the government as well. A study conducted in 2003 by Energy and Enviro...

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In the search for an alternati...

October 10, 2012

Despite its history, fuel cell technology wasn't adapted for commercial and industrial use until the 1990's, and only began to be sold commercially around five years ago. Because o...

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No More Going to Landfills

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Eliminating a Global Problem


Taking waste out of landfills

As the world's landfills begin to overflow and pollution levels soar, finding ways to rid of our waste becomes critical. The US alone produced 250 million tons of garbage in 2011. Europe still relies heavily on landfills, with some countries dumping up to 90% of their waste.

Utilizing waste as a commodity

The device accepts virtually any form of organic refuse, unlike other recycling machines limited to using only particular food products or wood chips. The Regreen Machine includes multiple stages that efficiently reduce the size of the waste, compress it and squeeze out its liquid, further pulverize the dehydrated content, and form pellets that are dried and cooled.

Food Waste Producing Environments

The Regreen Machine will deal with ALL food waste. In a matter of minutes, it will pulverize any food product, even hard-to-reduce materials like bones. And because the machine can be tailored in size, it can be installed at or near the site of food waste production.

Waste Processing Capacities

The Regreen Machine employs a very simple process for waste conversion. As a result, that same process could be scaled to process virtually any waste capacity. Find the machine that's right for your industry and needs: