The Regreen Philosophy


re^green /regreen/ v. to create from discarded and otherwise unusable items a new, environmentally efficient commodity that will improve overall quality of life.

Regreen Technologies strives to become a global leader in innovation, efficiency, and recycling by creating technological solutions and bringing them to the world market. These innovations encompass the 'regreen philosophy' and harbor the improvement of our world and the life of its inhabitants.

Green Once More

The regreen philosophy is our guiding beacon in all we create. We identify the inefficiencies in our global industries and utilize technology to eliminate it. And we compound the advantages of that technology by making it environmentally beneficial as well as taking what was once green in this world, and forgotten, and bringing it back to life so it is green once more.

Regreen Technologies is the brainchild of renowned inventor and design engineer, Albert Mardikian. Along with the efforts of his highly specialized and creative team, Mr. Mardikian continually strives to better our world by pushing the boundaries of scientific thinking and technological design.